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Since the departure of our beloved LOST, my little forum has gone by the wayside. In the past week or so, however, I’ve updated it and taken it in a new direction…After a recent insurrection of the people (no, not Egypt!), we’ll be having an influx of new visitors and I’d like my friends who enjoy this blog to join us.

Welcome to Our Town!

We’re an eclectic group of friends connected through the years with similar interests, including LOST, but also pop culture in general, television (including Survivor), movies, food (everyone loves to eat!) an amazing collection of music videos, and politics. (Don’t let the politics scare ya!)

Our state of the art host and server also allow posters to cross-post new topics on Facebook and Twitter.

Until we’re fully up and running a limited number of topics are viewable by Guests. Please visit, introduce yourself, and have fun!

Oh. And we still talk about LOST!

Survivor 22: Survivor: Redemption Island


Only halfway into the current season of Survivor: Nicaragua, few details of the next exciting season are being leaked to the outside world. In a stunning reversal of the past two years (when spoilers were rampant but true – and according to rumor, came from the fingers of the wife of a certain two-time recent Survivor loser), little legitimate information about the new season has been spoiled*, although a few critical details appear to be true…

Filmed back-to-back with the current season in Nicaragua, the next season will, according to rumor, bring back two of the most hated, yet loved, players in the game. Actually, make that three.


Hit the break for details…

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Survivor’s Rob & Amber: New Parents

Congratulations to Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich on the birth of arob_mariano

daughter, Lucia Rose! This marks the first birth of a child by two Survivor contestants.

Rob and Amber,  arguably two of the most popular contestants ever on Survivor, also appeared for two seasons on The Amazing Race and on their own reality show, Rob and Amber: Against the Odds.


Amber Brkich competed on Survivor: The Australian Outback, which aired in 2001. Rob Mariano was first seen on Survivor: Marquesas in 2002. Both formed a winning alliance on Survivor: All-Stars, which concluded with Rob’s on-air proposal to Amber during the May 9, 2004 finale. After competing on the seventh season of The Amazing Race as an engaged couple, the two wed on April 16, 2005. In 2007, they took on The Amazing Race again during its All-Star season.

In 2005, Amber told PEOPLE: “We both come from a family of three kids, so I would like to have three kids, but you never know what happens, so hopefully we are blessed with at least one child and then we would both like to adopt one day if possible.”

Two years later, she spoke to PEOPLE about their plans to have children. “We definitely want a family and we’ve been talking about it,” Amber said. “But I think it was also important for us to spend the first couple of years just the two of us together.” Rob added, “We are not trying right away but when it happens, it happens.”

Now, the important question. How will the birth affect the appearance of either parent on the upcoming Survivor All-Stars: Heroes vs. Villians?

I suspect not at all. Perhaps Rob and Amber have moved beyond that stage of their life and entered a new one? Regardless, some might equate parenthood as a long season of Survivor, wherein in all the participants are winners!

Survivor All-Stars: Heroes vs. Villians!

I confess I’ve always been a Survivor junkie. There’s nothing better than dirty (real dirt too), scheming people half naked fighting it out in the wilds of whatever continent they may be on.

As a result, I was intrigued when Jeff Probst announced the next two seasons of Survivor would be filmed in Samoa. (Even more interesting as certain family members of mine share a Samoan heritage.)

My intrigue grew when I realize that the last time Survivor filmed two200px-Survivor_rupert_Photo seasons back to back was Survivor: Pearl Islands, featuring America’s favorite Rupert Boneham, and the subsequent Survivor All Stars, won by Amber Brkich, of Rob and Amber fame.

The thought just had to cross my mind. Especially after I read this morning that a Federal judge had denied a request from Richard Hatch to attend filming of the 20th season of the series in Samoa.

Will we have another All Stars following Survivor: Samoa?

Apparently, the answer is YES!

Both the location and the show’s desire to bring back previous cast members were confirmed in an e.mail message [PDF] sent from casting director Lynne Spillman to Survivor season one winner Richard Hatch on June 23, inviting him to participate. The letter said season 20 “will be filmed in Samoa” sometime between Aug. 1 and Sept. 20.That letter was revealed as part of Hatch’s petition to be released [PDF] so he can appear on the show, which notes that he “is presently serving the final approximately 90 days of his sentence under home confinement.” His petition argues that “in this depressed economy, finding a job can be difficult,” and going on the show “will enable him to pay any 2000 and 2001 taxes determined to be due.” (There’s a lot of irony there: Hatch is finishing his prison sentence for not paying taxes on his season one winnings, which he blames on producers of the show, who he accused of allowing cheating.)


I can’t wait to see some old favorites again!

Stephen Fishbach?

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