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Iran Update

Note: Twitter is now silent for maintenance and should be back up by 6pm Eastern Time. Beware of false twitter posts coming both from Iran and from immature Americans.

A powerful video:

Physicians and nurses, still in scrobs and whites, protesting:

The blog of former VP Mohammad Ali Abtahi, who has now been arrested:

From his final post before his arrest entitled: “It was a huge swindling”:

There was a lot of difference between yesterday and last night. Yesterday Iran was joyful because of changing the fate. Every body participated in. But last night was a shocking and bitter night. Like 4 years ago, Fars news agency and Keyhan announced news. It was unbelievable. Little by little news became as heavy as a mountain in front of every body that had seen it was not real. At the same time Mr. Mosavi announced his victory in election. But information was formal and it was announced around the world and nation was anxious. It was more important than cheating. Some ones call it a white coup.